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Power Steering Pro is a premium fully synthetic oil specially designed for use in power steering and suspension units. It contains a unique combination of anti-shudder additives, dispersants and seal swell additives along with a specialized synthetic base oil to offer maximum wear protection, long service life and minimization of viscosity loss.

Benefits: expand


  • Correct viscosity for Honda Power Steering units
  • Compatible with OEM fluid
  • Reduces power steering shudder (noise & chatter)
  • Extends seal and hose life
  • Multiple use power steering & suspension
  • Long Service life
  • Protects against rust and corrosion

PERFORMANCE LEVELS: Meets and Exceeds:

  • Ford M2C134-C
  • Ford M2C134-D
  • Honda PSF-II
  • Honda PSF-S
  • Honda PSF-V

Application: expand

Power Steering Pro is primarily designed and recommended for use in the power steering units of all Honda motor vehicles as well as Rover models 416i, 825 and 827 that use Honda power steering components. It may also be used in high performance applications inĀ  other vehicles such as Ford Tickford series, AU, BA & BF XR , FPV & Territory SX-SY series vehicles. The synthetic base oils and higher viscosity help to reduce pump wear and maintain steering feel where extra heat and load is expected in these applications.