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Glide TO-4 is a high-end, foam resistant, highly stable semi-synthetic oil-based lubricant prepared for heavy-duty usage in off-road and industrial equipment. Glide TO-4 is particularly hostile towards debris, sludge, and varnish build-ups and lubricates metal parts so well that wear and rust cannot make any inroads. This lubricant is guaranteed to last for prolonged periods of time and can be put to good use in a number of heavy-duty applications.

Benefits: expand


  • Good compatibility with all common seals, O rings, packing materials and clutch materials that leads to reduced downtime.
  • Good low temperature fluidity.
  • Quick start up of equipment.
  • Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability for long fluid life.
  • Protects against sludge and varnish formation.
  • Protects against wear.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • High shear stability
  • Foam resistance

PERFORMANCE LEVELS: Meets and Exceeds:

  • Caterpillar TO-4
  • Allison TES 439
  • Komatsu KES 07.868.1
  • Allison C-4
  • ZF TE-ML-03C
  • API GL-4

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It is specifically designed to meet the performance requirements of caterpillar TO-4, Komatsu power shift transmissions, ZF torque converter transmissions and Allison C-4 automatic transmission. It is also used for heavy duty manual transmissions, gear boxes, final drives and hydraulic systems used in off highway equipment. Recommended for industrial torque converters and hydraulic systems where such type of fluids are specified.