Private Labeling

The market for lubricants is ever growing and evergreen. Machines, big and small, individual and industrial, require lubrication for performance and efficiency. Therefore, a business venture in this market can be highly rewarding. However, the massive initial investment needed to set up and function production facilities and the difficulties in acquiring certifications can be off-putting.

This is where Phoenix’s private labelling services can be of assistance. Phoenix takes care of the manufacturing, packaging and labelling of your brand of lubricants so that you don’t have to build or run expensive production facilities to enter the market.

Phoenix has now been in business for the past 3 years, manufacturing quality fluids for its clients worldwide. Its state-of-the-art production facility allows Phoenix to manufacture the finest graded lubricants using high-quality raw materials and best practices while maintaining an impressive pace of production at more than 80 metric tons produced per annum.

Since its establishment in 2019, Phoenix has managed to obtain 20 OEM approvals and 5 ISO certifications.

Here is why you should opt for Phoenix to private label lubricants for your brand.

Guaranteed High-Quality

At Phoenix, we don’t compromise on quality. We use the best quality of raw materials, particularly our proprietary high-quality base oils, to manufacture our lubricants. Our commitment to using premium-quality base oils allows us to ensure our lubricants’ superior quality.

Huge Production Potential

At Phoenix, we have a remarkable per annum manufacturing capacity of more than 80 metric tonnes. This ensures that your orders get fulfilled in time, irrespective of all factors, including the size of your order; your orders can be too small, but never too large!


Stepping into the lubricant market or making a switch from another manufacturer? It doesn’t matter! Cost is always a factor.

Phoenix offers its lubricants and private labelling services at competitive prices without cutting corners. This will enable you to market your brand of lubricants at an advantage, giving your customers both financial relief and high-end lubricants.

ISO Certifications and OEM Approvals

Certifications and approvals are not just prerequisites to operating in specific markets but also a testimony to manufacturers’ quality. Phoenix has acquired 5 ISO certifications and 20 OEM approvals during its 3 years of operations, thanks to its strict adherence to quality manufacturing practices.

Established Customer Base

Phoenix has carefully established an international customer base since it was founded in 2019, exporting more than 3000 containers of oils annually to 80 countries. Such a vast network of suppliers, exporters and clients, and our experience in the market, will be beneficial for your business as you establish it using our facilities.